ACL Reconstruction Surgery Physical Therapy Treatment | Phase 2 | Case Study Part 3 | FPF Show Episode 52

By dpope2020

September 30, 2022

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ACL Reconstruction Surgery Physical Therapy Treatment | Phase 2 | Case Study Part 3 | FPF Show Episode 52

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In today's episode we go over ACL Reconstruction Surgery Physical Therapy Treatment | Phase 1 | Case Study Part 2 | FPF Show Episode 51:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 2:27 Week 6 range of motion after ACL surgery
  • 4:08 Single leg strength at week 6 after ACL surgery
  • 7:00 Week 6 isolation strength, accessory exercises and balance / neuromuscular control
  • 9:37 What do do on "Off" days after ACL surgery
  • 10:35 Strength work at week 10
  • 11:50 Preparation for running and plyos 
  • 12:48 How many day's per week should we be doing strength training at week 10 after ACL surgery?
  • 12:52 When should you be strength testing your athletes?
  • 14:22 When can we start loading up open chain knee extension?
  • 16:13 When do we start phasing out blood flow restriction training after ACL surgery?
  • 16:25 How do we continue to increase the challenge of balance and neuromuscular control exercises?
  • 17:11 Neurocognitive training after ACL surgery
  • 17:40 Advancing conditioning exercises and getting ready for return to run after ACL surgery
  • 20:20 Approach return to running, impact, plyometrics and eventual sports specific drills after ACL surgery
  • 22:03 What does the entire strength program look like from beginning to end?
  • 23:54 Long term planning for return to sport and activity after ACL surgery

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