daniel pope dpt, ocs, cscs, cf-l1

Owner, Fitness Pain Free



- NCAA D1 Pole Vaulter - Rutgers U.

-2009 175lb. National Champion Strongman

-2009 200lb. NJ State Champion Strongman

- 2010 CrossFit Individual Regionals Competitor

- 2014 CrossFit Team (CF Verve) Regionals Competitor.



- Rutgers University - BS Exercise Science

- Doctor of Physical Therapy

- Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS)

- Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

- Crossfit L1 Certified (coached 7 yrs)


- Website launched in 2010

- 5,000,000+ page views

- 450+ articles & blog posts

- 1,000's of courses/programs sold

- 20,000+ newsletter subscribers



- Physical Therapist: at Champion Physical Therapy & Performance

- Power Monkey Fitness Coach: working with olympic level coaches and people from around the world

- International Speaker: on the topics of injury prevention and rehabilitation

- 15+ Years Experience: working in the fitness and rehabilitation setting (Clinician, coach and trainer)

Hey guys, I'm Dan,

I developed a passion for fitness and nutrition at a very early age.  I was the guy in high school bringing rusty chains from my dad's farm into the local gym so I could do accommodating resistance bench press at the gym.  This was all because I read an article from Louie Simmons from West Side Barbell about how great they were for building your bench press.

I was also the guy making salmon and olive oil milkshakes back in the day to eat enough calories to build maximum muscle (I "enjoyed" many of these shakes at 2am nightly).  It really didn't matter how gross the eating was, I was willing to try it.

I'd also recruit all of my friends to train at my parent's farm in Southern NJ where we'd do German Volume Training for squats in the middle of summer inside of a greenhouse. (Don't ask us why we didn't move the rack outside) 

You name it, I've tried it, and really loved every minute of it.  

Naturally after college, I began work as a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach.  One thing I found frequently was that most of my clients were dealing with some sort of pain problem or injury.  I'd naturally refer them to a local physical therapist who would promptly tell me, "of course your client got hurt, they shouldn't be performing deadlifts".

This didn't make too much sense to me.  How could every aspect of weight training be bad for you?  Surely this wasn't true...

After hearing this one too many times from other physical therapists who really didn't look like they've ever lifted a single weight in their life I decided I needed to investigate for myself.  I wanted to be able to help my patients get out of pain and be able to exercise in a way that promoted health and not injury.    


Since then I've devoted my entire life towards helping folks gets out of pain and back to training.  I've gotten my doctorate in physical therapy and combine my knowledge about fitness with therapy to help people every day get out of pain and back to training.   Over time, I've also been able to teach thousands of other coaches and clinicians how to do the same.

Hopefully I can help you out as well!

- Dan 

“The biggest take-away I want to share with you is that I'm on your side.  I still train like an animal every day of the week and understand YOUR goals and want to help you get there.”

Dan Pope // Owner, Fitness Pain Free


"I go back a long, long time with Dan Pope. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve personally reached out as a resource for my athletes keeping folks pain free. Keeping folks healthy and functional so they can have a better quality of life and we can get strong at the same time. Invaluable. Absolutely need him in my life."

 - Cheryl Haworth

3x Olympian in Olympic Weightlifting Olympic Bronze Medalist

Weightlifting Coach


"Fitness Pain Free and Dan Pope have been a resource the last 7 years. Coming from competitive weightlifting and then transitioning to a coach, I’ve been able to use all of his methods and products to supplement and complement my programming and coaching to focus first on athlete’s health, their longevity and movement in sport and then maximizing on all that healthy movement to increase their potential in whatever their goal is."

 -Mike Cerbus

3x National Championship Medalist 

5x American Open Championships in Olympic Weightlifting 

Olympic Qualification Teams in 2012