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Learn how to assess and educate patients, modify their training, and apply strengthening and mobility strategies on a daily basis.

I began my career as a strength and conditioning coach, but quickly realized I was working with people who were injured or dealing with pain in some way. It bothered me that I didn't fully understand their injuries and the communication between the doctor, therapist and coach were poor or non-existent. I wanted to be able to help the clients I was working with and that led me to pursue a doctorate in physical therapy. Once I started practicing I realized there was a lot of misinformation when it came to rehabilitating people that liked to train hard.  In many cases, they don't understand the nuances behind their patient's fitness goals or sports in order to give their patients the best care. On top of that many healthcare professionals don't understand their patient's passion and desire for their sport simply because they've never shared the passion that is associated with high levels of athletic competition. I created these Fitness Pain Free Insiders and Cert programs specifically for physical therapists who want to learn how to get their patients out of pain and back in the gym.

Coaches and Trainers really don't get much, if any, education on common injuries.  A good coach should know how to assess for injury and pain so they can modify for their athletes to prevent further issues. 

Below are some of the programs I’ve designed for Coaches and Trainers to use on their clients to address mobility and pain issues.

monthly  content for coaches that work with athletes in pain


how to work with injured athletes, get THEM out of pain and PREVENT further injury

Articles for physical therapists

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