Learn how to troubleshoot your own issues and get back to training. 

As a person who loves fitness, (and has gotten hurt a bunch down the road) I understand how issues like injury, poor mobility or technique can impact training and performance. The reality is when you really enjoy fitness, this puts a major wrench in your plans and keeps you from something you love.

I've been an athlete my whole life and I still am.  I believe fully in walking the walk and talking the talk.  I don't just do it because it keeps me fit and it's fun. Training on a regular basis gives me tremendous insight on how to help others like me and all of that information is included in this website.  At Fitness Pain Free we're here for you so you can continue training for the long haul.  

People who love fitness should have access to high quality information and programming to reach their goals in a safe and effective way. 

I make programs to help you get out of pain, fix mobility issues and train pain free for the long haul...