Guide to ACL Reconstruction Exercise Prescription for Physical Therapists | Part 2 | FPF Show Episode 49

By dpope2020

September 9, 2022

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Guide to ACL Reconstruction Exercise Prescription for Physical Therapists | Part 2 | FPF Show Episode 49

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In today's episode we go over Guide to ACL Reconstruction Exercise Prescription for Physical Therapists | Part 2 | FPF Show Episode 49:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 2:44 What's the difference between open and closed chain exercises and stress on the ACL?
  • 3:07 Are open chain exercises more stressful for the ACL graft?
  • 3:40 Are lunges and step-ups more stressful on the ACL compared to knee extensions?
  • 3:54 Stress on the ACL with common exercises (Squats, leg press, lunges, knee extensions, jumping and landing)
  • 8:23 Are open chain knee extensions safe after ACL reconstruction?
  • 9:43 When can open chain knee extension be introduced safely after ACL reconstruction?
  • 13:48 When does Kevin Wilke believe we can safely incorporate heavy open chain knee extensions after ACL reconstruction?
  • 14:27 Guidelines on how to use open chain knee extensions with patients after ACL reconstruction (What I do)
  • 15:58 Do all patients NEED open chain knee extension after ACL reconstruction surgery?
  • 17:44 What loads are appropriate during open chain knee extension?
  • 17:58 How blood flow restriction training (BFR) early on after ACL reconstruction can improve quad strength with less ACL graft stress
  • 18:16 Potentially safer alternates to open chain knee extensions
  • 19:10 Is the amount of attention open chain knee exercises get even warranted?

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