Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment Meniscus Tear [Case Study] : FPF Show Episode 26

By dpope2020

March 26, 2022

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Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment Meniscus Tear [Case Study] : FPF Show Episode 26

In today's episode we go over Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment for Meniscus Tears [Case Study] | Traumatic | Non-operative | Conservative Management:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:48 Subjective Evaluation: History taking, aggravating factors, patient goals
  • 9:04 Objective Examination: Manual Muscle Tests (MMT), range of motion (ROM), swelling, quad contraction, regional interdependence, functional tests, imaging, palpation, special tests
  • 17:40 Should this patient undergo surgery? Meniscectomy, meniscus repair
  • 19:50 Plan of Care: range of motion, quad function / strength, swelling management, hypertrophy, return to sport / work, treatment frequency
  • 26:33 Physical therapy treatment of meniscus tears: Loading / strengthening parameters, programming, frequency, exercise selection, muscles targeted
  • 29:03 Home exercise program: Gym program
  • 31:14 What a clinic session looks like: Reassessment, manual therapy, exercise
  • 33:41 How to progress exercises and physical therapy over time
  • 39:49 Return to running, plyometrics and sports progression (plyos, change of direction, acceleration)
  • 45:24 Communication with the physician
  • 48:28 Discharge planning
  • 50:47 References

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Thumbnail Image: BruceBlaus / CC BY-SA ( Edited by fitness pain free LLC