When SHOULD and SHOULDN’T Your Patients Have Meniscus Surgery? | Meniscectomy, Meniscus Repair : FPF Show Episode 25

By dpope2020

March 18, 2022

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When SHOULD and SHOULDN'T Your Patients Have Meniscus Surgery? | Meniscectomy, Meniscus Repair

In today's episode we go over When SHOULD and SHOULDN'T Your Patients Have Meniscus Surgery? | Meniscectomy, Meniscus Repair

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 2:17 Why is the meniscus so important (What is the meniscus, function, relevant anatomy)
  • 5:34 What happens to the knee joint after a meniscus tear (Relationship between meniscus pathology and arthritis)
  • 6:45 How partial meniscectomies lead to arthritis over time
  • 8:50 Do meniscus tears heal over time? (age, time since injury, tear type, tear location)
  • 11:19 What types of meniscus tears can be repaired?
  • 13:55 Which surgery is superior, meniscus repair or menisectomy?
  • 15:49 What are the rates of knee arthritis following meniscectomy and meniscus repair compared to normal knees?
  • 16:33 What percentage of meniscus repairs will fail?
  • 17:22 Meniscectomy vs Meniscus repair vs. Physical Therapy (traumatic tears)
  • 21:24 Who SHOULDN'T have a meniscectomy?
  • 24:20 Who SHOULD have a meniscectomy?
  • 25:10 How long should you perform physical therapy before considering surgery?
  • 25:37 When should you have a meniscus repair?
  • 26:34 What you need to look for in a surgeon for meniscus surgery
  • 28:58 References

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