Hip Labral Repair Physical Therapy | Case Study | Week 6-12 | CAM Reduction – FPF Show Episode 47

By dpope2020

August 26, 2022

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Hip Labral Repair Physical Therapy | Case Study | Week 6-12 | CAM Reduction – FPF Show Episode 47

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In today's episode we go over Hip Labral Repair Physical Therapy | Case Study | Week 0-6 | CAM Reduction:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:31 What does treatment look like at week 6 after hip labral repair?
  • 1:34 Weight bearing progression and gait training after hip labral repair
  • 4:34 How to measure objective changes in walking over time after hip labral repair
  • 5:00 Range of motion work at week 6 after hip labral repair
  • 5:50 What does strength training look like at week 6 after hip labral repair?
  • 6:49 How to spot compensation during squats and deadlifts after hip labral repair
  • 7:46 When do we introduce single leg strength exercises (lunges, step-ups, single leg squats / deadlifts) after hip labral repair
  • 9:48 How do we incorporate direct hip isolation work after hip labral repair?
  • 1145 What to do on "Off" days
  • 12:25 Week 6-10 physical therapy program
  • 14:02 How to progress range of motion over time
  • 14:52 How strength progresses from week 6 to week 10
  • 16:47 How to prepare for plyometrics after hip labral repair
  • 17:33 When should you assess strength in your patients after hip labral repair?
  • 18:56 How and why to incorporate balance exercises into your hip labral repair rehabilitation program
  • 19:12 What should your conditioning program look like as part of your hip labral repair rehabilitation program?
  • 21:14 Return to run programs in hip labral repair rehabilitation
  • 25:27 Long term planning for return to sport after hip labral repair surgery.

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