Hip Labral Repair Physical Therapy Guidelines | FAI Surgery Rehabilitation | CAM Reduction – FPF Show Episode 45

By dpope2020

August 12, 2022

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Hip Labral Repair Physical Therapy Guidelines | FAI Surgery Rehabilitation | CAM Reduction

To go along with today's episode I have a nice infographic to share...

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In today's episode we go over Hip Labral Repair Physical Therapy Guidelines | FAI Surgery Rehabilitation | CAM Reduction:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:36 What is the surgery for femoral acetabular impingement syndrome?
  • 3:21 What are the surgical goals of hip labral (labrum) repair?
  • 4:59 What does surgery for CAM morphology (CAM reduction) look like?
  • 8:10 What does surgery for Pincer Morphology look like?
  • 9:34 What is the surgical goal behind femoral arthroplasty?
  • 10:20 When is surgery appropriate for femoral acetabular impingement syndrome?
  • 13:10 What do physical therapists NEED to know before starting therapy with hip labral repair patients?
  • 14:35 How the size of the hip labral tear and the patient's tissue quality effect physical therapy progression.
  • 15:28 How hip labral tear location and degree of cartilage damage influence physical therapy progression and weight bearing status
  • 18:24 What red flags to be on the lookout for after hip labral repair surgery
  • 21:19 What post-surgical restrictions in range of motion are expected after hip labral repair surgery?
  • 25:22 What weight bearing restrictions are expected after hip labral repair surgery?
  • 27:39 What are the most important questions for the physical therapist to ask the surgeon prior to starting physical therapy?
  • 31:44 What medications are hip labral repair patients taking after surgery?
  • 32:25 Why physical therapists should follow the surgeon's post-operative protocol
  • 33:18 What to do if you disagree with the surgeon's post-operative protocol
  • 36:00 What physical therapists need to be on the lookout for in the early stages of hip labral repair surgery

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