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4 Reasons Why You Can’t Perform Kipping Pull-ups and Muscle-ups

Kipping is a bit of a controversial subject. Some people have fully embraced it as a skill that should be developed and others still believe it’s the devil incarnate releasing rotator cuff carnage throughout

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7 Reasons Why Your Shoulders Get Hurt in the Gym: Part 2

In last week’s post we spoke about the 1st 4 reasons why people’s shoulders get hurt in the gym. Poor rotator cuff strength Too much total pressing volume Not enough balance with pressing

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Easy Circuit to Strengthen Overhead Mobility

This week’s post adds onto the post earlier in the week.  In the prior article we spoke about the importance of accurately determining where your mobility limitations lie, choosing the correct mobilizations

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7 Ways to Make Deep Loaded Squats Safer for Your Knees – A Deep Investigation into the Safety and Performance of the Deep Squat: Part 7

Last week we had a nice little discussion about the stresses on the knee during the deep loaded squat.  At least in the research for high level olympic lifters, deep squats appear not to be as dangerous

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A Deep Investigation into the Safety and Performance of the Deep Squat: Part 2 – Why Does Compensation Occur?

Last week we spoke about common compensations we see in the squats.  Again, some common compensations seen are: Increased Toe Out Increased Stance Width Decreased Depth Lumbar Spine Flexion Increased

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