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Dan Pope, DPT, Board Certified Orthopedic PT, is a Physical Therapist and Coach (and self-identified meathead) who helps people get out of pain and back to training safely and effectively. He is the Founder/Owner of Fitness Pain Free where he shares his ideas about rehab, injury prevention, and athletic performance. You can find him on the following social media channels:

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I credit so much of the success of my business due to the information that he provides. Whether I’m working with weekend warriors, young athletes or elite level athletes, Dan is a resource I constantly use. I utilize him from a rehab standpoint, from mobility and stability to make sure the exercises we use are going to use are going to benefit them for health and longevity.

When we have a situation where an athlete becomes injured, Dan is the first person I go to to give me the right information that’s best for that athlete… He has helped me keep and get people healthy. I can’t thank Dan enough for all his expertise and knowledge.



I’ve been working with Dan Pope for many years now. Coming from a gymnastics standpoint, we work hard to incorporate exercises from a technical standpoint but also the perspective of what’s going to lead these people to be healthy in the long run.

Dan has worked so hard to find correctives and other assessment pieces to make sure our athletes on the gymnastics side and the fitness side are healthy and being proactive about their health.

I can’t find anyone else that I highly recommend more than Dan in terms of being able to work with athletes and getting them ready to go.



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