The 4 Pillars of Building Overhead Strength

By djpope

November 13, 2019

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It’s time for another episode of STRONGER TV!

In this episode we get to chatting about one of the biggest goals of our athletes, building strength overhead.

In this video we go over:

  • Why overhead mobility is an important priority for overhead press
  • How lacking overhead mobility can create technique issues and injury downstream
  • How mobility issues can create inefficient motion
  • The difference between stability and strength in the shoulder
  • How the “big guys” and “small guys” in the shoulder are equally important
  • How keeping the “small guys” happy is important for long term health and performance
  • How fatigue plays a huge role in exercise programming, especially in the shoulder
  • How olympic weightlifting pressing volumes can be higher then in strongman competitors
  • How to write programming for success with overhead pressing
  • How to utilize accessory work to bulletproof the shoulder to prevent injury and optimize performance

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