4 Keys to Rotator Cuff Repair Physical Therapy – FPF Show Episode 123

By dpope2020

March 1, 2024

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4 Keys to Rotator Cuff Repair Physical Therapy - FPF Show Episode 123

To go along with today's episode I have a nice infographic to share...

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In today's video we go over 4 Keys to Rotator Cuff Repair Physical Therapy - FPF Show Episode 123: 

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:46 Why care about rotator cuff repair physical therapy?
  • 3:28 Get a copy of the surgical report
  • 4:32 Knowing which (and how many) tendons were repaired
  • 5:09 How large is the rotator cuff tear?
  • 5:44 What co-morbidities does the patient have?
  • 6:11 Know the surgical technique
  • 9:41 Patient education (Contra-indications, medications, timelines, long term goals)
  • 19:21 Follow a physical therapy protocol
  • 24:36 Cater toward patient goals

I'm a big key guy...


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