Do I Need Surgery for My Torn Rotator Cuff? FPF Show Episode 17:

By dpope2020

January 21, 2022

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In today's episode we go over "Do I Need Surgery for My Torn Rotator Cuff"? with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Sean Rockett:

  • 4:08 Does everyone REALLY have a rotator cuff tear?
  • 5:09 Is physical therapy effective for rotator cuff tears?
  • 5:46 What is the difference between a partial thickness rotator cuff tear and a full thickness rotator cuff tear?
  • 9:35 When should you do physical therapy and when should you do surgery?
  • 11:08 Do rotator cuff tears worsen over time?
  • 11:55 How often should you check in with a doctor to make sure the tear isn't growing?
  • 13:30 Is there a point where the rotator cuff can't be repaired?
  • 14:40 If you can't repair the rotator cuff anymore, what surgeries can be performed?
  • 18:00 What effect does age have on rotator cuff repairs?
  • 19:22 Acute on chronic tears

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