What I Did Instead of a Physical Therapy Residency – FPF Show Episode 55

By dpope2020

October 21, 2022

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What I Did Instead of a Physical Therapy Residency - FPF Show Episode 55

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In today's episode we go over What I Did Instead of a Physical Therapy Residency: 

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0.07 Why do new grads and students feel they need to do a physical therapy residency?
  • 0:45 Why Physical Therapy Residency programs may not be a reasonable option.
  • 1:19 7 steps to running your own physical therapy residency
  • 3:12 Why I didn't do a physical therapy residency
  • 4:48 What were MY goals of a physical therapy residency?
  • 7:27 Finding your niche
  • 8:56 How to create a catered curriculum for your own learning
  • 10:26 How to make the learning specific to your needs
  • 16:33 Leveling up your physical therapy skills
  • 17:59 How to use research articles to make your a better physical therapist
  • 21:41 How to find physical therapy mentors for free
  • 28:11 Why skipping a Physical Therapy residency provides you with MORE experience
  • 33:03 Why gaining experience as a physical therapist is not enough
  • 37:24 How to use networking to improve your physical therapy practice
  • 40:16 Using shadowing to learn from coaches, physical therapists and surgeons
  • 44:40 Elevate your physical therapy practice by teaching and sharing

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