Shoulder Pain in the Gym: Intermediate Physical Therapy Exercises

By dpope2020

April 12, 2024

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Shoulder Pain in the Gym: Intermediate Physical Therapy Exercises

To go along with today's episode I have a nice infographic to share...

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In today's video we go over Shoulder Pain in the Gym: Intermediate Physical Therapy Exercises: 

  • How to progress basic rehab exercises (like side-lying external rotations) by increasing load and speed.
  • Why incorporating pressing and rowing exercises is crucial for rehab and specific variations to target different rotator cuff muscles.
  • Safe and effective progressions for exercises like bottoms-up presses, landmine presses, and rows.
  • Programming recommendations, including sets, reps, and frequency for intermediate shoulder rehab.

Alright, rotator cuff's looking pretty jacked right now...


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