How to Assess Overhead Mobility: Part 3

By djpope

March 31, 2017

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This month’s Insiders webinar is part 3 in our discussion on improving overhead mobility.  One major issue we tackle are sets, reps, frequency, duration and intensity.  One thing I’ve never understood is the lack of people tackling the issue of optimal set and rep schemes.  How often should I stretch?  How long do I hold a stretch? How many sets should I perform?  How long do I need to do this to see a change?  If I combine foam rolling and stretching do I get a better effect?  When you program something like deadlifts obviously the sets, reps, frequency and intensity are vital to your success.  Of course the same goes for mobility.

I delved into the literature a bit to get some answers.  After watching this webinar you’ll have exact recommendations for your athletes to get them mobile overhead.  To recap the series:

In part 1 we discussed:

  • A step by step guide to assessing overhead mobility
  • How to figure out exactly which area is limited

In part 2 we discussed:

  • My favorite manual mobilizations for each restricted area
  • Video demonstrations of each manual mobilization

In part 3 we discuss:

  • Corrective exercises for all areas of limitation for overhead motion
  • Evidence based application of mobility exercises (Stretching, eccentrics, foam rolling etc.)
  • Exact sets, reps, frequency and intensity for mobility
  • Sample case study for a crossfitter with limited overhead mobility

I’ve also provided a PDF for this webinar which gives video demos of each mobilization.  It goes systematically down the same progression of restricted areas that we spoke about in the prior webinars.  This is a beast of a series and super comprehensive, I think you’re going to learn a ton!

Dan Pope DPT, OCS, CSCS, CF L1