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The Best Manual Techniques to Improve Overhead Mobility

Shoulder mobility is going to be very important for all exercises performed overhead.  If you want to be performing movements like push jerks, snatches and pull-ups properly then you’ll want to

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6 Principles to Finally Fixing Your Overhead Mobility

Gaining new overhead mobility seems to be an elusive thing.  We all want it so we can snatch, kip and jerk like all-stars, however few seem to get there.  What gives?  In my experience gaining new motion

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5 Minute Overhead Mobility

One of the biggest things I focus on clinically in the crossfit athlete (and any other individual that requires full overhead range of motion) is overhead mobility.  I regularly get patients that complain

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The Correct Way to Mobilize Your Thoracic Spine with a Foam Roller

I wanted to go over something that seems fairly simple but is also done incorrectly frequently.  This is foam rolling your thoracic spine. The point of rolling your thoracic spine is usually to get a

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