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How Shoulder Injuries Occur During Kipping Pull-ups and Muscle-ups

I’m a strong believer in understanding how injuries occur before we just start blindly applying a rehabilitation program. Think about it, how do we expect to get someone out of pain and back to

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A Simple Modification for Kipping Pull-ups You’ve Never Tried

So last week I leaked some of my favorite modifications for C-kip and Butterfly Pull-ups.  In case you missed them I’ll post them below: Butterfly: I really wanted to make a blog post about how

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How to Rehab Your Athletes Back to Kipping Pullups – Part 2

In last week’s article we talked about: How to restore full shoulder range of motion Teaching hanging position Phase 1: Beginner hanging exercises to build tissue capacity In this article we’ll

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How to Rehab Your Athletes Back to Kipping Pullups – Part 1

A lot of my athletes are coming back from shoulder injuries where they couldn’t kip previously.  This could be after a major surgery like rotator cuff repair or a bad impingement syndrome / tendinopathy

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How to Hang on a Bar Without Hurting Your Shoulders

Most people have a very aggressive introduction to hanging and kipping movements.  It usually goes a little bit like this: Hop right up and grab the bar herunterladen.  Didn’t fall off?  Great

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An Often Overlooked Aspect of Kipping Pull-up Mastery

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Are Kipping Pull-ups Really That Dangerous? Part 1 – Assessing and Building the Basic Kipping Positions

As you all know I have a great love for speaking and writing about kipping pullups and all things kipping.  I work for a gymnastics continuing education company (powermonkeyfitness), coach adult gymnastics

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How Tight Lats and Kipping May Cause Shoulder Pain (Subacromial Shoulder Impingement)

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