Ultimate Training Program

to Get Out of Shoulder Pain and Back to Training

A 12 week training program and educational course to help get you out of pain and back to training the lifts you love.

Tired of Painful Shoulders During Bench Press, Olympic Lifts and Other Upper Body Exercises?

  • Shoulder pain is an enormous obstacle that keeps athletes from training the lifts they love.
  • Athletes and coaches often don't know what to do about these injuries and more importantly what NOT to do in order to fix this issue.
  • Therapists don't always have the knowledge to bridge the gap between basic rehabilitation and high level performance.
  • Athletes are left frustrated, repeating the same mistakes, staying in pain, never getting better and sometimes getting worse.

Hi, I'm Dan.  I'm a doctor of physical therapy.  I work every day getting people like yourself out of pain and back to training. 

Want to learn how to rehabilitate your shoulder pain and stay pain free for the long haul?

Shoulder pain is easily one of the most frequent problems that I encounter at the gym.  It can really interfere with your training goals.  If your shoulder hurts bad enough, movements like bench press, overhead press and olympic lifts become nearly impossible.  

Unfortunately, some doctors and physical therapists don't always understand this.  They may tell you to just stop training in the gym, but you wouldn't have gone to the doctor in the first place if they were going to tell you that.  You want someone to guide you back to what you love, hard training.

This disconnect between medical providers and athletes leads you to seek advice in strange places. You'll ask friends, search online forums and try bogus rehabilitation techniques from online training experts.

There is a lot of misinformation and poor advice floating around in the training world.  Some people end up causing more harm then good when attempting to troubleshoot their issues.

It gets worse...

Coaches and trainers are often pressured to become the rehab experts for their injured athletes.  

Coaches and trainers really don't get much if any education on common shoulder injuries.  Injury and pain continues to be a nebulous thing that only medical providers have access to knowledge of.  

Meanwhile, athletes are left to suffer with shoulder pain and no one to help them...

How are we going to get back to what we love???

Bench Press?

Overhead Press and Olympic Lifts?

Pull-ups, dips, muscle-ups and other upper body exercises?

So here's the problem in a nutshell...

  • Shoulder Injuries are Rampant
    Remember, shoulder pain is one of the most common issues I treat. 
  • Coaches and Trainers Aren't Thoroughly Equipped to Deal with Shoulder Injuries
    As a coach or trainer it isn't your job to rehabilitate your athletes' shoulders.  Remember that coaches and trainers don't get this information with their education.

  • Athletes Don't Trust Healthcare Providers
    Due to a lack of understanding and knowledge of what our athletes want to get back to, athletes become weary of advice from medical professionals.

  • Athletes Get Bad Advice
    Athletes are left looking for advice from sub-par sources like friends or online forums.  Often times this information is inaccurate and leads people down the wrong path.

  • Shoulder Pain is Never Resolved or Gets Worse...

So what are we to do?

In reality, we need science driven, evidence based advice and guidance from experts who do this for a living.  You also need guidance from experts who actually understand what you're trying to get back to.  You need someone who walks the talk. You need someone who trains like you and has a proven track record of helping others get to where you want to be...

So who am I and why should you listen to me?

Hi I'm Dan Pope,

​I have a doctorate in physical therapy, am an orthopedic clinical specialist and a certified strength and conditioning specialist.

I have over 10 years of ​experience as a personal trainer and coach.

I've competed as a Division 1 athlete at Rutgers University as a polevaulter, won a state and national championship in the sport of strongman and have competed twice at the crossfit regionals.​

I travel and speak nationally on the topics of rehabilitation and injury prevention​.

I've worked with athletes from all levels ranging from your average Joe and Jane  up to the professional, olympic and crossfit games level athlete.  

I collaborate with some of the smartest therapists in the world to provide elite level care at Champion Physical Therapy and Performance in Boston MA.

Most importantly, rehabilitation and performance is what I've devoted my life toward.  It is absolutely my passion in life.  I work with patients every day that I'm alive helping them to get out of pain and back to training.  I'm a huge believer in walking the walk and talking the talk.

This unique blend of rehabilitation, coaching and training experience gives me a special ability to help people get out of pain and back to training.

Announcing my solution to this problem:

Ultimate Training Program

to Get Out of Shoulder Pain and Back to Training

I've created a solution to this problem.  It's a 12 week training program that teaches you exactly how to get out of shoulder pain and back to training the lifts you love.  Not only that, but it's an entire educational course on how to do it.  

The program also contains a series of educational webinars that will run you through exactly why your shoulders are getting injured in the gym and exactly how to get out of pain and back to training the lifts you love.

So What Is Included in the Program?

  • 12 Week Training Program: Learn exactly how to get out of pain and back to training with a step by step program.
  • Separate Tracks: 1 program designed for olympic lifters, powerlifters and bodybuilders to get back to training.  1 program designed for people trying to get back to bench press, overhead press, pull-ups and other upper body lifts.
  • The Most Common Shoulder Injuries Seen in the Gym: Get ready to learn a lot about shoulder impingement, rotator cuff, labral and AC joint issues.
  • Learn exactly why we think these injuries are occurring: Advice on technique, mobility and programming to stay pain free for the long run.
  • Progressive Return to Exercise Programs - Specific exercise protocols to help you return back to bench press, overhead press, pull-ups (kipping too) muscle-ups and olympic lifts
  • Advanced Rehabilitation Strategies: Learn all of the rehabilitation strategies to go from painful to high level performance.
  • Programming and Training Strategies - Learn the training principles and programming philosophies to write a training program to reach your goals and keep your shoulders performing
  • Modifications - Learn how to modify shoulder exercises when athletes have pain so they can continue working toward their goals without getting hurt further.
  • Self Assessments: See exactly where your mobility is limited and what to do about it.

So What Does the Educational Course Cover?

Part 1: Shoulder Impingement, Rotator Cuff, Labral and AC Joint Injuries

  • Mandatory Shoulder Anatomy, How These Injuries Occur, Biomechanics of the Shoulder, Scapula and Thoracic Spine
  • Understanding Pain During Pressing, Jerks, Pull-ups and Snatch
  • Prognosis and Rehabilitation Expectations, Solutions for Cuff, Labral and AC joint injuries
  • check
    How to Modify Training While Rehabilitating

Part 2: Mastering Technique and Mobility for Success

  • How to Guide to Mastering Kipping for Muscle-ups, Toes to Bar and Pull-ups 
  • How Poor Technique Causes Injury and What to Look Out For
  • How Mobility Issues Cause Injury in Seemingly Unrelated Areas and How to Assess for These Problems
  • check
    Assessing and Correcting Overhead Position, Front Rack, Squat and Muscle-up Mobility

Part 3: How to Get Out of Pain and Back to Training

  • The Psychology of Pain and What to Do About It
  • What You Need to Know About Pain to Get Out of It and Back to Training
  • Training Program Tutorial - Video Guide of How to Use the Programs
  • check
    12 Week Training Program: How to Get Out of Pain and Back to Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting
  • check
    12 Week Training Program: How to Get Out of Pain and Back to Bodybuilding and Training Your Upper Body

Curious about what the course looks like on the inside?  Here's a sneak peak...

What Ultimate Shoulder Looks Like on the Inside...

Anatomy of Rotator Cuff Tears

So Who is This Course For?


The number 1 goal of this program was to teach a regular person how they could troubleshoot their own injury and get back to training.  I simplify the most challenging concepts to help you get out of pain and back to training.

Coaches and Trainers

Understanding how injuries occur and what to do with your athletes once they're injured is critically important for the coach.  Learn exactly how to modify your athlete's training so they can continue to work towards their goals without risking more injury.

Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and Physicians

Ultimate Shoulder is exactly how I assess and educate patients, modify their training, and apply strengthening and mobility strategies on a daily basis.  After finishing this course you'll be completely competent when treating shoulder pain patients that want to get back to training.  

Here's "What You Get" 

  • 12 Week Rehabilitation Program to Get Back to Bench Press, Olympic Lifts, Pull-ups and Other Upper Body Exercises
  • 13 Detailed Modules Packed with in Depth Information
  • 6+ Hours of Video and Webinar Footage
  • 24/7 Online Access - Consume the information in the comfort of your home
  • 2 Programs - A program for the average joe or jane looking to get back to training in the gym as well as for the most elite olympic lifters, powerlifters and bodybuilders
  • Companion articles to go Along with Educational Webinars to Comprehensively Cover all Injuries Seen in the Gym.
  • Exactly how shoulders get hurt in the gym and how you can rehabilitate back to your favorite movements and stay pain free for the long haul

Ultimate Training Program

to Get Out of Shoulder Pain and Back to Training

I feel very strongly that people should have access to reasonably priced information and guidance for common injuries found in the gym.  Because of this I'm offering this program for a fair price.  

Pick up Ultimate Shoulder Now For:


Pumped to See You Get Out of Pain,

Dan Pope DPT, OCS, CSCS, CF-L1

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