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Mobility and Stability Drills to Improve the Snatch and Overhead Squat

snatchWhen I first started crossfit, my snatch and overhead squat was god awful.  I somehow managed to qualify for the crossfit regionals in 2010 and when the first event was announced as 21-15-9 overhead squats at 135 and chest to bar pull-ups I was a bit concerned.  I was actually 1 of 2 athletes that day receiving a big fat DNF for that event.  

Fast track to today I’ve managed to overhead squat 270 and my snatch is improving by the day.   Needless to say I had a whole lot of work to do.  Now there is an absolute plethora of mobility exercises out there to help improve the snatch and overhead squat.  I actually made an article about this about a year ago.

I wanted to compile my favorite exercises and put them into a video for you guys to use for yourselves, patients and clientele.  These are my favorites that I find most effective and  have stood the test of time.

Keep in mind that these exercises are not only meant to mobilize your joints but to help build stability in your body as well.  They should be practiced with focus and emphasis on getting into the proper positions so that we can transfer that over to your snatch and overhead squat.  Enjoy!

I’ve been sleeping in a deep squat since 2010,

Dan Pope

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