Back Squat Shoulder Mobility (How to fix your back rack position)

By dpope2020

May 12, 2023

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Back Squat Shoulder Mobility (How to fix your back rack position):

In today's episode we go over Back Squat Shoulder Mobility (How to fix your back rack position):

Welcome coaches and clinicians! 

Today, we'll explore a fundamental aspect of barbell back squats that is often overlooked but can significantly impact performance and potential injury prevention: shoulder mobility in the back rack position.  Let's delve into the importance of optimal shoulder mobility for mastering the barbell back squat.

A great back rack position is foundational to a successful back squat.  It helps stabilize the barbell and creates a secure base for efficient movement. Achieving proper shoulder mobility is essential for assuming and maintaining this position effectively.  Folks with shoulder mobility issues often find the back rack uncomfortable and sometimes end up with shoulder or elbow pain as a result.

Physical therapists can assess shoulder mobility through various tests and are largely looking at shoulder external rotation and horizontal abduction mobility with the elbow held close to the side.  Once you've determined your athlete has a limitation it's off to the races to get the shoulder up to par. 

In today's video I'll teach you how to assess your client's back rack mobility and give you my favorite exercises to improve it when limited. Check it out below:

As coaches, recognizing the importance of shoulder mobility in the back rack position of the barbell back squat is crucial for optimizing performance and minimizing the risk of injury. By addressing limitations in shoulder mobility, you can help your clients achieve optimal squat mechanics, improve stability, and become more comfortable in the back rack. 

Always racked,

- Dan Pope PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

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