Best Tips for AC Joint Pain During Bench Press | Physical Therapy Modifications

By dpope2020

July 8, 2023

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Best Tips for AC Joint Pain During Bench Press | Physical Therapy Modifications

In today's episode we go over the Best Tips for AC Joint Pain During Bench Press.

Hey Coaches and Clinicians,

If you work in a weight training population long enough I'm sure you'll see some folks with AC Joint pain that's aggravated with bench press.  The AC Joint can take a beating during heavy bench.  With that being said, myself and most of my patients would rather die then stop benching...

Kidding aside, if possible I'd like to keep my patients benching in some form or another when they have an AC joint injury.  This way they can continue working towards their training goals while respecting the healing area and simultaneously promoting some healing.  Here's how I like to get the job done:

Give me bench press or give me death...


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