How to Assess Ankle Mobility and Considerations for Training

By djpope

November 6, 2019

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It’s time for another episode of STRONGER TV!

In this episode we talk about one of my favorite topics, ankle mobility! Now I’ve been speaking about this concept for years but haven’t released anything new on the topic in some time.

In this episode we talk about why ankle mobility is important, how we go about assessing it and some easy corrections to use immediately with your athletes with limitations.

In this video we go over:

  • How ankle mobility is important for specific sports but not as much for others
  • How ankle mobility affects torso position in the squat
  • Why ankle mobility is so important for olympic weightlifters
  • How limitations in the ankle lead to hip and lower back issues
  • How stiff ankles affect stress to the hip and lower back
  • How stiff ankles cause compensation up the chain and poor performance during olympic lifts
  • How increased ankle mobility can create MORE stress on the knee
  • Why ankle mobility doesn’t necessarily change your squat technique
  • How a lack of strength can look like a lack of ankle mobility
  • Our favorite assessment for ankle mobility
  • Squat modifications for athletes who lack ankle mobility
  • Some easy mobility and strengthening drills for athletes with ankle dorsiflexion problems

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Ankles still stiff after 10 years of writing about it…