How to Mobilize, Warm-up and Perfect Snatch Technique

By djpope

May 29, 2017

assessment, injury prevention, joint mobility, mobility, overhead squat, snatch, Technique

Hey guys, a bit of a whopper for you today.  As you know, I work for a company called Power Monkey Fitness.  It’s a continuing education company for olympic lifting, gymnastics, running, rowing and most things fitness.

A major goal of mine during camp is to educate people about how to properly mobilize for given lifts and how small technical details within the lifts can lead to injury.  This past camp Mike Cerbus and I filmed a great video talking the intricacies of the snatch, where we need mobility and what each portion of the snatch should look like from a technical perspective for performance and injury prevention.  It’s basically what our station ends up looking like when we speak together at camp.  It’s your personal sneak peak into what happens at camp.

We recently put it up on youtube.  Check it out below: