Anatomy of Shoulder Impingement, Rotator Cuff and Labral Tears

In order to understand how injuries in our shoulder occur, we first have to understand the anatomy.  Once we get the anatomy down we can start to understand the injury mechanisms.  In this quick 5 minute video I go over the relevant anatomy of the shoulder joint as it relates to common injuries like impingement, rotator cuff issues and labral tears.  Check it out below:

Next video we’ll talk a little more specifically about what happens when we exercise and how this may potentially lead to shoulder injury and pain.

This short video is part of a 10 hour educational shoulder program myself and Dr. Dave Tilley and I made:

Peak Shoulder Performance

The Ultimate Guide to Getting out of Pain and Back to High Level Fitness

We go over anatomy but a ton more:

  • Common shoulder injuries: subacromial impingement syndrome, rotator cuff tears, biceps tendon issues, bursitis, AC joint injuries, upper body strain injuries and labral tears
  • Common mechanisms of injury – learn exactly why we believe these injuries are occuring so we can prevent them
  • Technique advice on the major lifts (bench press, push-ups, dips, pull-ups, snatch, jerk, overhead press) for not only performance but joint health
  • Advanced rehabilitation strategies to help bridge the gap between stage 1 rehabilitation and high level performance
  • Progressive exercise plans to take your athlete from being unable to perform a push-up due to pain back to push jerks and muscle-ups

The program will be available on October 10th 2017.  If you sign up with the link below you’ll receive an exclusive discount when the program is released as well as another free shoulder gift:


Shoulder Pandemonium,

Dan Pope DPT, OCS, CSCS, CF L1

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