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Shoulder Impingement: Part 3 – The Shoulder Blade’s Role in Impingement

Updated November 2017 Understanding what is happening inside of the shoulder joint is a very important part of understanding impingement.  If you haven’t checked out part 1 and part 2 I’d

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7 Reasons Why Your Shoulders Get Hurt in the Gym: Part 3

I’m excited for this part of the article series because we’re finally tying together all of the aspects explored in the previous articles.   At last we get to the practical stuff.  In part

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6 Principles to Finally Fixing Your Overhead Mobility

Gaining new overhead mobility seems to be an elusive thing.  We all want it so we can snatch, kip and jerk like all-stars, however few seem to get there.  What gives?  In my experience gaining new motion

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Keep Your Rotator Cuff Strong with Shoulder Circuits

Earlier in the week we spoke about how and why to create circuits to keep your shoulders strong and healthy.  No one wants to be sidelined with shoulder pain.  I wanted to give you all an example of

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How to Create Circuits for Strong Resilient Shoulders

I see a lot of shoulder pain in my clinical practice.  It probably rivals low back pain with the most common injury I end up treating (Low back pain is more common in the general population).  For this

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3 Great Lower Trapezius Exercises You’ve Never Thought Of

So the scapulae are kind of a big deal.  They help us do cool stuff in the gym and help keep our shoulders healthy.  What goes on in the shoulder blade is very important from a shoulder impingement

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