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Does Foam Rolling Increase Long Term Flexibility?

Recently I’ve heard a lot of hatred and negative talk toward foam rolling.  A common reason for this is the plethora of research coming out about foam rolling having short term effects when it comes

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Is Cupping Just Another Fad?

This week’s guest post comes from author Kelly Crawford.   During the Rio Olympics last summer you may have seen athletes with large, red circles covering their skin.  Scattered all over their

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6 Ways to Make Kipping Pullups Safer

So the last few articles were all trash talking on kipping pullups.  We went over several reasons why kipping pullups might be causing injuries.  If you missed these articles you can find them here: Part

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3 More Reasons Kipping Pullups Cause Injury

I couldn’t help myself.  In this article we discuss 3 more reasons that kipping pullups could be causing injury.  If you missed the first 3 reasons, you can find them all HERE.  This article is

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3 Reasons Kipping Pullups Cause Injuries

First off, I want to say that I’m not against kipping pull-ups.  If you are a competitive crossfit athlete then they are going to be a staple part of your program.  I’m ok with that.  I

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Evidence Based Application of the Functional Movement Screen: Part 1

Disclaimer: This article series is particularly for the coaches, trainers and therapists out there.  It doesn’t mean  you won’t get some great info from it if you aren’t in these

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