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A Simple Modification for Kipping Pull-ups You’ve Never Tried

So last week I leaked some of my favorite modifications for C-kip and Butterfly Pull-ups.  In case you missed them I’ll post them below: Butterfly: I really wanted to make a blog post about how

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How Tight Lats and Kipping May Cause Shoulder Pain (Subacromial Shoulder Impingement)

Oh the Lats!  Easily one of the internet’s favorite muscles.  Can’t reach overhead?  Gotta be the lats.  Can’t do pull-ups?  Better train those lats.  On a trip to bat wing

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Why Are Kipping Pull-ups Causing Shoulder Injury and What Can We Do About It?

Unfortunately there is not any research to be found that I know of for crossfit exercise and injury.  Luckily crossfit has pretty much stolen their exercises from other sports where some solid research

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