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4 Reasons Why You Can’t Perform Kipping Pull-ups and Muscle-ups

Kipping is a bit of a controversial subject. Some people have fully embraced it as a skill that should be developed and others still believe it’s the devil incarnate releasing rotator cuff carnage throughout

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5 Reasons to Try These Novel Strict Rope Climb Variations

A major theme for shoulder health is the introduction of more horizontal pulling variations.  This holds especially true in the off-season as we are trying to work in multiple planes and build back balance

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How to Hang on a Bar Without Hurting Your Shoulders

Most people have a very aggressive introduction to hanging and kipping movements.  It usually goes a little bit like this: Hop right up and grab the bar.  Didn’t fall off?  Great let’s try

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How to Balance a Handstand

Handstands are definitely one of the hardest things to master in the fitness realm.  Most people actually learn how to handstand walk before they learn how to balance in place.  This is akin to learning

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How to Quickly and Efficiently Progress Handstand Pushups

I teach a lot of handstand pushups.  In a group environment it can be very tricky to find modifications and progressions for all athletes, especially when you have a class with varied levels of strength

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How to Make Your Own Healthy Beef Jerky Trail Mix

Let’s get Beefy! I’ve always been a huge fan of beef jerky growing up.  Slim Jims, beef jerky, count me in.  Trouble is that processed, preservative laden grain fed beef ain’t the best

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