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Shoulder Impingement: Part 2 – What Happens at the Shoulder Joint During Impingement

Updated October 2017 So to recap on the last article, classic impingement of the shoulder is caused by excessive narrowing of the subacromial space, impinging on the structures contained within the space.

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Shoulder Impingement: Part 1 – What It Is and Why It’s Important

Updated October 2017 I recently had the opportunity to speak with one of my professors Mark Butler, a physical therapist I have a lot of respect for.  I asked him what he thought was the most common

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How to Modify the Bench Press for Shoulder Pain

​The bench press is easily one of the most popular exercises in the gym. I know I've been performing some sort of bench press variation at least once per week for the last 15 years or so. It's a great

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How to Perform Dips and Push-ups Without Hurting Your Shoulders

Technique is obviously an important part of improving someone's strength and performance but it's also vital when trying to prevent future shoulder injuries.  As physical therapists Dave and I see

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Peak Shoulder Performance is Finally Available!

Dave Tilley and I are excited to finally announce the launch of our newest digital product, Peak Shoulder Performance!!! Dave and I have spent the past several years learning how to best treat and prevent

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Anatomy of Shoulder Impingement, Rotator Cuff and Labral Tears

In order to understand how injuries in our shoulder occur, we first have to understand the anatomy.  Once we get the anatomy down we can start to understand the injury mechanisms.  In this quick 5 minute

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HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT – PEAK Shoulder Performance

Very big announcement today.  Myself and my co-worker Dr. Dave Tilley have been hard at work over the past few years developing strategies to help rehab and prevent shoulder injuries in our athletes.

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Understanding The Shoulder Pain Epidemic in CrossFit Athletes (Part 4: Programming and Periodization)

So in the last article in our series we spoke on the importance of total volume with particular focus on spikes in training in avoiding injury.  Hopefully this already sparked some ideas on how to start

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Understanding The Shoulder Pain Epidemic in CrossFit Athletes (Part 3 : Load and Volume Management)

A very popular name in the world of sports medicine right now is Tim Gabbett.  I’ve written a few articles about his research in the past.  Tim has pioneered the research of injury as it relates

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Is the Joint by Joint Approach Accurate for Shoulder Pain?

I’m a big fan of the joint by joint approach as a basic understanding of how the joints in the body interact for movement.  As a refresher the joint by joint approach was popularized by Gray Cook

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Are Lat Stretches Dangerous? and 5 Better Ways to Gain Overhead Mobility

So, I’ve said it myself.  It’s important to have mobile lats.  Having adequate lat length will allow for overhead mobility.  Overhead mobility is super important for: Optimal technique

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Why Does Pressing Hurt the Shoulder but Not Pulling?

In the past article series on why shoulder injuries are occurring in the gym we talked a bit about the rotator cuff and it’s importance for shoulder health.  The rotator cuff serves as a dynamic

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