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5 Great Exercises for Strong and Resilient Shoulders

I’ve written a pretty ridiculous amount about shoulder health in the past. Today’s I’m sharing 5 of my favorite exercises for shoulder health sling kong kostenlos herunterladen. When

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Keys to Fix and Prevent Shoulder Pain

There really is no single thing that's important for rehabilitating from and preventing shoulder injuries.  I made a quick video describing 6 keys that need to be in place to rehabilitate from

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How Bench Press, Dips and Push-ups Cause Shoulder Pain

Unfortunately, if you've been performing bench press, dips or push-ups for long enough chances are you've experienced some sort of shoulder pain.  Trouble is, these are great movements.  If

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4 Reasons Why You Can’t Do Kipping Pull-ups and Muscle-ups

Quick Navigation Is Kipping Bad for You? Kipping Basics Hollow Hold Why the Hollow is Off 1) Inadequate Mobility in the Spine  2) Inadequate Motor Control 3) Inadequate Strength 4) Inadequate

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Shoulder Impingement Part 7: Stages of Rehabilitation

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Shoulder Impingement Part 6: Do You Have Shoulder Impingement?

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Shoulder Impingement: Part 4 – The Thoracic Spine and Ribcage’s Role in Impingement

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Shoulder Impingement: Part 2 – What Happens at the Shoulder Joint During Impingement

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Shoulder Impingement: Part 1 – What It Is and Why It’s Important

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How to Modify the Bench Press for Shoulder Pain

The bench press is easily one of the most popular exercises in the gym. I know I've been performing some sort of bench press variation at least once per week for the last 15 years or so. It's a great

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