My Favorite Exercises for a Very Painful Lower Back [For Physical Therapists]

By dpope2020

October 28, 2023

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My Favorite Exercises for a Very Painful Lower Back [For Physical Therapists]

To go along with today's episode I have a nice infographic to share...

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In today's video we go over My Favorite Exercises for a Very Painful Lower Back [For Physical Therapists]: 

Are your patients struggling with excruciating lower back pain? In today's video, we delve into a comprehensive approach to help your patients combat debilitating lower back pain.  Research has shown that bed rest isn't the answer. Instead, I advocate for a better path to recovery. We focus on low-impact exercises that are perfect for individuals who find even the simplest movements agonizing.

💥 Here's what you can expect in this video:-

  • A variety of exercises tailored to individual comfort levels
  • A step-by-step guide through supine, quadruped, and sideline positions
  • Expert insights on maintaining patient comfort and pain management
  • A roadmap for progressing to more challenging exercises when your patients are ready
  • These exercises are designed to promote mobility, alleviate discomfort, and set your patients on the path to recovery. 

My back feels better already...


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