6 Advanced Lunge Variations for Physical Therapists You Aren’t Currently Using

By dpope2020

February 17, 2023

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6 Advanced Lunge Variations for Physical Therapists You Aren't Currently Using:

In today's episode we go over 6 Advanced Lunge Variations for Physical Therapists You Aren't Currently Using:

As physical therapists, we know that lunges are a versatile and effective exercise for improving lower body strength and helping patients with all different types of lower body injuries. The traditional varieties can get a bit stale over time and often our patients will benefit from more challenging variations of lunges.  

In today's video we go over 6 of my favorite advanced lunge variations when the standard dumbbell walking lunge gets a bit old:

So, whether you're working with athletes, weekend warriors, or older adults, advanced lunge variations can be a valuable addition to their exercise and rehabilitation programs. Be sure to start with the appropriate level of difficulty for each client, and progress them slowly and safely as they become more comfortable with the exercises. With a little creativity and some careful coaching, you can help your patients achieve greater strength, balance, mobility, get out of pain and back to training with advanced lunge variations.

- Dan Pope PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

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