New September / October Coaching Program!

Without goals and plans to reach them 207x300 New September / October Coaching Program!If you read this website regularly you’ll know that I provide a subscription service with a done for you training program for yourself or your gym.  I’m a huge fan of programming and feel it is a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to injury prevention and training success.  Having the right plan is pivotal to success and a requirement for reaching your desired goals.

The next 5 weeks of programming is now available!  The Fitness Pain Free Coaching program contains:

  • 5-days per week done for you program for yourself or for your gym with a specific mobility routine for your off days
  • Progressive daily strength, gymnastics, WOD and met-con that fits into a 1 hour block (More if doing the competitive track)
  • Learn how to easily screen and assess yourself and your athletes and how to correct these faults
  • Warm-ups with mobility specific to the day’s lifting, gymnastics and met-con
  • Olympic weightlifting and strength program
  • Gymnastics skills work
  • Fun and varied daily met-con (With group workouts if you own a gym or have some training partners
  • A track for competitors as well as average Joe’s and Jane’s.
  • Joint health mobility and injury prevention exercises

To learn more about the Fitness Pain Free Coaching Program click HERE:

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Principles of Overhead Mobility – Treating the Teres Major

Teres major muscle back 300x300 Principles of Overhead Mobility   Treating the Teres MajorSome time back I read an article by Mike Reinold about the Teres Major.  I also had this drilled back into my head while going over his and Eric Cressey Functional Stability Training of the upper body videos.  Since I’ve been treating a lot of Teres Major for overhead mobility limitations.  It’s fairly amazing how well it works too.  We often thinks pecs, lats and thoracic spine for poor overhead motion.   Continue reading

5 Minute Overhead Mobility

kfarris 300x259 5 Minute Overhead MobilityOne of the biggest things I focus on clinically in the crossfit athlete (and any other individual that requires full overhead range of motion) is overhead mobility.  I regularly get patients that complain of low back pain and pinchy shoulders with overhead movement.  It makes sense.  If you’re lacking this motion then you’ll be constantly compensating at the lower back and adding more stress at the shoulder during overhead movement (Think kipping, overhead press etc.). Continue reading

One of My Favorite Drills for the Clean and Jerk and Thruster

Crossfit throws a lot of strange olympic lifting variations together that you wouldn’t normally find in an olympic lifting meet.  This complex puts together several exercises to help build proficiency in thrusters, push press and split jerk,

Try throwing this into an olympic lifting warm-up sometime. Continue reading

How to Assess and Correct the Front Rack to Improve Front Squats, Jerks, Thrusters and Cleans

Have trouble in the front rack?  Difficulty keeping your elbows up during a front squat?  Can’t grip the bar during a thruster without wrecking your wrists?  Can’t get the bar in the right position for jerks?  Assess your front rack:

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One of My Favorite Drills to Improve the Snatch

The accessory work you choose to improve your snatch should depend on where your limitations are for the lift.  Here’s a drill I use as a warm-up frequently to help improve position in the snatch.

Try it in your warm-up before your next snatch session.

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Lost Keys to a Deep Squat – Assessing Ankle Dorsiflexion

As you guys are all probably aware of by now, having adequate ankle flexibility is important for achieving a deep squat.  What is important is being able to distinguish between whether you actually have an ankle flexibility problem or not.  Lucky for us this can be done with an easy assessment:

Passed but still can’t squat?  You can be reasonably sure that ankle mobility isn’t the issue.   Continue reading

9 Reasons Why I Like Tempo Lifts

Kendrick Farris front squat 300x200 9 Reasons Why I Like Tempo LiftsTempo lifts require a certain speed during your lifts.  Let’s use squats as a example.  A prescription of 31X0 for a back squat means:

  • 3 seconds to lower into the bottom of the squat
  • 1 second pause at the bottom of the lift
  • X means lifting as explosively as possible
  • 0 seconds pause at the top of the lift.

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FPF Podcast Episode 32 – Performance, Programming and Injury Prevention with Jason Leydon

IMG 0150 300x224 FPF Podcast Episode 32   Performance, Programming and Injury Prevention with Jason LeydonToday on the show we’ve got Jason Leydon on the podcast.  Jason Leydon is the head crossfit coach and owner at Crossfit Milford in Connecticut.  Jason is the head coach for the professional fitness team, the Philly Founders and has a really smart approach to programming.  Jason is also a proponent of the functional movement screen and recently attended a Selective Functional Movement Assessment seminar. Continue reading

Lost Keys to a Deep Squat – Correcting Hip Internal Rotation

DEEP Squat 300x300 Lost Keys to a Deep Squat   Correcting Hip Internal RotationIn Part 1 we went over how to assess hip internal rotation and how it’s an overlooked key to squatting.  This week we’ll go over my favorite exercises to correct hip internal rotation deficits.  These fit well into a warm-up, cool-down, between sets of an exercise or on a completely different occasion. Continue reading