Welcome to Fitness Pain Free

Hi, I’m Dan Pope.Dan Stone

I’m a Physical Therapist, National Champion Strongman, regional caliber CrossFit competitor and amateur gymnast but I’m not your typical meathead.

Before I jump into more of my story, I want to share with you my mission, my ethos, and why I think you should stick around.

Peak performance is one part physical, one part mental, and two parts doing the work. My goal it to supply you with all the physical and mental preparation you might need and support you as you do the work.

If you or your clients are on the quest for pain-free, peak performance, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a quick snapshot of how this site makes that possible.

– excruciatingly well researched and prepared yet easily digestible content…

proven systems of optimization, injury prevention, and rehabilitation…

– performance saving advice that contradicts some on the mainstream misconceptions…

Not to mention, the always fun to read performance enhancing insights, strategies, and tales from my own training, competitions, performance coaching and practice as a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

That’s right. That combination of physical and mental preparation as well as discipline are the tenets I live by.

And as much as we all wish that balance would be easy to find, you know as well as I do that it’s not.  Our bodies are complex and, at times, confusing. All over the internet you’ll find gurus pushing contradictory gospels, making it hard to make sense of what’s best.  On top of that, how often is this information practical and easy to implement quickly into your own practice and coaching?

This site helps to solve for all three of these issues. I’ve done the research and logged the hours… so you don’t have to.

I test my theories in real time, on myself and my patients… so you get what works.

I welcome you to join the thousands of athletes, gym owners, and physical therapist that receive my emails by subscribing here.

Looking for a bit more?

For over a decade I have read, studied, and trained voraciously. I’ve qualified for some Strongman National Championships (and won in 2009), I’ve even competed in a couple CrossFit Regional Competitions — all the while, I told the story and shared the lessons on this site.

The work I’ve put into this site, has helped me get featured on:

– The Blog of Mike Reinold,
– Erson Religioso’s website,
– And even the The Crossfit Journal segment “offline” on performance/safety

I welcome you to click around the site, there is A LOT of information to keep you busy.

Here’s to your performance,

Dan Pope, DPT CSCS

If you’d like to read an interview that tells a lot more of my story, click here.