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What Every Coach Needs to Know About Pain and Injury

So in our last post we talked about “why”, today’s post we’ll talk about “what”. Pain is a wonderful thing that our body’s produce to help us survive.  If we lived in a world without pain, we wouldn’t live very long.  Therefore, pain is generally a good thing.  We’d be in trouble without it.

On the contrary, pain isn’t a very nice sensation.  I don’t think most people enjoy their knee hurting while walking up the stairs.  Therefore, most of us are trying to get back out of pain when it begins.  In order to help people get out of pain first we need to understand some basic principles about pain.  This understanding will allow you to make smarter training decisions with your athletes so they continue working towards their goals without getting hurt further along the way.

So Then, What Does Every Coach Need to Know About Pain and Injury?

Fortunately for us, pain doesn’t have to be that complex.  Check out the video below where I break down what I consider the most vital parts to understand about pain and injury for a coach:

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I created this series because coaches and personal trainers everywhere are working with athletes in pain every day of the week.  This series will tell you exactly what to do (and what not to do) with these athletes so they can continue working towards their goals and prevent injuries in the long haul.

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Pain is gain,

Dan Pope DPT, OCS, CSCS, CF L1

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