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The Lizard Crawl – An Advanced Core Exercise

Everybody loves a good lizard crawl.


  • Get into a pushup position and take your legs out a bit wider then your shoulders and lower yourself a little closer to the floor
  • Focus on keeping your torso rigid and resisting rotation of your trunk as your arms and legs move, like a lizard.
  • Pack your neck to promote better posture and neck health
  • Stop if you have any pain

Key Points:

  • This is an advanced exercise used as a progression from planks and deadbug variations.  It also requires a lot of shoulder stability and hip mobility.
  • It stresses stability of the core(spinal segments) and shoulders
  • Start slowly
  • Progress by crawling closer to the floor, taking larger steps or going for longer distances
  • Overuse or a lack of progression to crawling can be especially tough on the shoulders and elbows

Give it a shot and let me know how it goes,


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