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Easy Circuit to Strengthen Overhead Mobility

This week’s post adds onto the post earlier in the week.  In the prior article we spoke about the importance of accurately determining where your mobility limitations lie, choosing the correct mobilizations

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Is Weighted Mobilization for the Thoracic Spine a Bad Idea?

Foam rolling for the thoracic spine is a good intervention for improving thoracic spine motion.  I use it for myself, patients and athletes regularly.  However, should we be adding weight to the movement?

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How To Assess Thoracic Spine Mobility

Thoracic spine mobility is vital for shoulder health and performance during all loaded overhead movements.  An unfortunate trend I’ve noticed with my articles is that people care far more about

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You Should Foam Roll Your Thoracic Spine Properly

So I guess why I’m revisiting this topic is because I continue to see people who foam roll their thoracic spine incorrectly.  It’s such a powerful movement when done properly so I don’t

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