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Shoulder Packing: What is it? How do we do it? How can we use it to make crossfit safer.

The Famous Coach Dan John Packing some Shoulders If you’ve been hanging around or listening to some of the top level strength coaches speak, you’ve probably heard the term

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Stretches and Mobility Drills to Prepare for the Snatch and Overhead Squat: Video Demonstrations

As we all know, the first time trying an overhead squat can be quite the experience.  It feels super awkward, its hard to put all of the pieces together and often times your body just does not feel like

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How to: Ultimate Upper Body Warm-Up – The How’s and Why’s Explained

If you read my training journal at all you know I throw around the words “prehab”, “static stretching” and “dynamic warmup” quite frequently.   A lot of people have

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5 Unique Ways To Save Your Shoulders when Bench Pressing

By: Rob Rowland DPT To piggyback off of Dan’s post on building a bigger bench press, I wanted to share a few points on how to bench while decreasing risk of injury. Now it is hard to find good, quality

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Shrugs, Posture and Scapular Dysfunction: Does adding Shrugs to your Program Make Sense?

Rob practicing what he preaches. I’m very excited to be posting this article from Rob Rowland.  I met Rob about 3-4 years ago at my very first strongman competition.  This was before I even had

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5 Stupid Exercises Smart People do in the Gym That are Destroying Their Shoulders

Hey guys, I love lifting heavy stuff as much as the next meat head but let’s make sure we aren’t destroying our shoulders in the process right?  Here are 5 popular  exercises I see being done quite

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Is Overhead Pressing Destroying Your Shoulders?

Hey guys, here is an excerpt from my upcoming e-book I’m in the process of finishing up.  The e-book is a guide to preventing shoulder pain and dealing with achy shoulders in cross fit athletes. I

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6 Steps to a Bigger, Safer Bench Press

Using this new technique will feel a bit awkward at first but I promise in the long run this will pay off, both adding more weight to your bench and keeping your shoulders healthier.

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Fun Fact #3 – 6 steps to a bigger, safer bench

If you guys haven’t noticed I skipped #3 previously and went straight to #4 already. Trust me I’m going to be a doctor. Using new technique will feel a bit awkward but I promise in the long

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