My Favorite Rhythmic Stabilizations For Shoulder Pain and Instability [Physical Therapist Guide]

By dpope2020

June 15, 2024

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My Favorite Rhythmic Stabilizations For Shoulder Pain and Instability [Physical Therapist Guide]

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In today's video we go over My Favorite Rhythmic Stabilizations For Shoulder Pain and Instability [Physical Therapist Guide]:

Struggling to help patients with shoulder instability regain confidence in their movements? This video dives deep into rhythmic stabilization exercises, a powerful tool for improving shoulder stability and function!  Why are rhythmic stabilization exercises great for shoulder instability?

  • They target specific positions that cause apprehension in patients.
  • They build strength and stability, allowing patients to tolerate these positions better.
  • They improve proprioception (awareness of joint position) in the shoulder joint, especially helpful after injuries like dislocations.

The video will show you:

  • Various ways to perform rhythmic stabilization exercises with your patients.
  • How to progress these exercises to challenge patients as they improve.
  • Specific exercises for different types of shoulder instability (anterior, posterior, inferior).

Plus, learn how to incorporate rhythmic stabilization exercises with common rehab exercises! Take your patients' shoulder rehab to the next level with rhythmic stabilization exercises!


  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 0:10 - Who Needs Rhythmic Stabilization?
  • 0:46 - Restoring Proprioception
  • 1:10 - How to Perform and Progress Rhythmic Stabilizations
  • 4:05 - Adding Rhythmic Stabilizations to Rotator Cuff and Scapular Stability Exercises
  • 4:40 - Improving Anterior Instability
  • 6:40 - Improving Posterior Instability
  • 8:42 - Improving Inferior Instability
  • 9:50 - Conclusion

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