SLAP Tears [Surgery vs. Physical Therapy] Physical Therapist Guide – FPF Show Episode 132

By dpope2020

May 10, 2024

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SLAP Tears [Surgery vs. Physical Therapy] Physical Therapist Guide - FPF Show Episode 132

To go along with today's episode I have a nice infographic to share...

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In today's video we go over SLAP Tears [Surgery vs. Physical Therapy] Physical Therapist Guide - FPF Show Episode 132: 


  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 0:33 Why physical therapists need to know about surgical vs. Non-operative management of SLAP Tears
  • 1:53 Why return to sport rates may not be as important as return to play at the same rate
  • 5:36 How return to sport rates vary widely between different sports (Baseball Pitcher vs. Weight Lifters)
  • 8:06 What do SLAP Tear Non-operative Rehab Protocols looks like and what are the return to sport criteria?
  • 10:16 How GIRD (gleno-humeral internal rotation deficits) are outdated and total arc is more important
  • 13:14 What are return to sport rates after SLAP Tear Conservative Management?
  • 16:02 What are the average time frames for returning to play after conservative management of SLAP Tears
  • 16:38 How many physical therapy visits on average did patients need to complete SLAP Tear Rehab?
  • 17:12 What factors predict failure of Non-operative physical therapy?
  • 24:49 If we don't surgically repair SLAP Tears are we setting patients up for long term failure?
  • 26:16 What are the average return to sport rates after SURGICAL management of SLAP Tears?
  • 26:38 What surgeries are used to help patients with SLAP Tears?
  • 30:42 Is biceps tenodesis effective for SLAP Tears?
  • 33:23 Can strength and fitness athletes return to sport at similar rates of performance after SLAP tear surgery?

Hmmmm, so many choices....


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