6 Keys to Choosing the BEST Exercises for Physical Therapy Patients (So They ACTUALLY Do Them) Ask FPF – E:21

By dpope2020

March 17, 2023

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6 Keys to Choosing the BEST Exercises for Physical Therapy Patients (So They ACTUALLY Do Them) Ask FPF – E:21

In today's episode we go over 6 Keys to Choosing the BEST Exercises for Physical Therapy Patients (So They ACTUALLY Do Them) Ask FPF – E:21

Choosing the right exercise for your patients is crucial for their recovery and rehabilitation. It can make all the difference in their progress and ultimately their success in reaching their fitness goals.

Each patient is unique, with their own specific needs and limitations. Therefore, it's important to tailor their exercise program to their individual needs. By choosing the right exercises, you can help your patients continue working towards their training goals, while also promoting optimal outcomes and rehabilitation results.

Watch the video below to see how I like to choose the best exercises for my patients:

By taking the time to select the right exercises for your patients, you can help them to achieve their fitness goals safely and effectively. So, make sure to assess your patients thoroughly and create a customized exercise program that meets their specific needs.

- Dan Pope PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

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