How to Safely Continue Weight Training With an Injury [ft. Tony Gentilcore] FPF Show Episode 42

By dpope2020

July 14, 2022

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How to Safely Continue Weight Training With an Injury [ft. Tony Gentilcore]

How to Safely Continue Weight Training With an Injury [ft. Tony Gentilcore]

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 4:42 Why your patients NEED to continue training when injured
  • 4:56 Three reasons why injuries wreak major havoc on health, increase healthcare costs and keep folks from working
  • 7:00 What Tony HATEs to hear from doctors
  • 7:44 The last thing you want to take away from your patients after an injury and why
  • 8:37 How Tony was able to continue training once he ruptured his achilles tendon
  • 9:43 The "true" origination of the trainable menu
  • 10:22 What is the "trainable menu" and how is it relevant for injured individuals
  • 12:05 What all folks with an injury need to hear
  • 13:57 What first time "major injury" patients feel like and how to approach them
  • 15:02 Making sure personal trainers are not treating their clients like "patients"
  • 15:47 How Tony works with individuals that have lower back pain on "squat" day
  • 17:40 What Tony does on days where his clients just aren't able to train hard due to pain
  • 19:05 The "secret" side effect of being able to train folks that are injured well
  • 19:42 When personal trainers should refer out for client injuries
  • 21:48 Podcast recap

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