A Physical Therapist’s Guide to Improving Patient Sleep: FPF Show Episode 36

By Nichole Bonner

June 4, 2022

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A Physical Therapist's Guide to Improving Patient Sleep: FPF Show Episode 36

In today's episode we go over A Physical Therapist's Guide to Improving Patient Sleep: 

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 3:04 Does a Lack of Sleep Increase Your Risk of Pain and Injury?
  • 7:11 How Does Sleep Affect Your Performance in Sport and Training?
  • 9:46 - How Does Sleep Affect Health? | Pain, Disease, Cognitive Function
  • 13:10 - How Much Sleep Do My Patients Need to Optimize Health?
  • 16:03 - Why Sleep QUALITY is as important as QUANTITY
  • 20:47 How Good is YOUR Sleep Hygiene?
  • 22:35 10 Steps to Improve Patient Sleep With Sleep Hygiene 
  • 26:47 More tips and tricks for better sleep hygiene
  • 33:34 How to Go About Improving Sleep in Patients

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  13. Why We Sleep - Matt Walker