Diagnosis and Treatment for Lower Back Pain in a Weightlifter [Case Study]: FPF Show Episode 23

By dpope2020

March 5, 2022

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Diagnosis and Treatment for Lower Back Pain in a Weightlifter

In today's episode we go over a case study for Diagnosis and Treatment for Lower Back Pain in a Weightlifter:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 2:17 What caused my lower back pain? [Mechanism of injury]
  • 2:40 Subjective examination - History taking, aggravating factors, symptoms
  • 13:20 Objective examination - Dermatomal / myotomal testing, reflexes, range of motion, palpation, special tests
  • 16:40 Diagnosis and assessment
  • 17:33 Plan of care for physical therapy treatment
  • 22:44 How I fixed my lower back pain during squats and deadlifts
  • 24:05 What lifestyle activities needed to be modified?
  • 28:32 How to modify training to respect the healing injury and rehabilitate
  • 46:50 Identifying and correcting mobility limitations
  • 48:23 Correct technique issues in squats, deadlifts and running
  • 50:19 Gradually load the spine and return to your prior training program

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