What You Need to Know About Pain to Get Out of Pain and Back to Training

By djpope

December 13, 2017

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Pain is a funny thing.  Sometimes you can push through it and it gets better.  Sometimes you push through it and it gets worse.  Sometimes one joint hurts a lot one day for what seems like no reason and the pain is gone the next.

Pain can be hard to predict for sure.  However, there are some major governing principles to understand when dealing with injury and pain.  The first step on the journey to getting out of pain is actually understanding what pain is and why we have it.  I made a quick video below to help understand what’s happening in our bodies when we have pain so you can start getting out of pain and back to training.  Check it out below.

This video is a short segment of an entire video series on understanding pain during injury.  In the entire video go much more in depth and talk about:

  • Whether or not training through pain is a good idea
  • How much pain we can push into when we have an injury
  • When we need to modify our training because of pain and when we don’t have to
  • How things like technique, weights, lifting speed etc. play into the pain equation
  • Guidelines to help you get out of pain

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  • Rehabilitation and Treatment of Upper Body Strain Injuries
  • 3 Step- Guide to Assessing and Correcting Overhead Mobility
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Pain is phenomenal,

Dan Pope DPT, OCS, CSCS, CF L1