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Power Monkey Camp 3.0 Recap and Italy

Hey friends!

It’s been several months since I posted much of anything huh?  Well, I’ve been busy, real busy.  During the open we ran a performance and injury prevention video series equipped with interviews from experts in the training realm.  After that I had a week vacation in Italy and then the next week was spent in Tennessee at Power Monkey Camp 3.0 speaking and generally having fun.  Anywho, I’m back in action and ready to start spilling some fun new content.  Before I do, here’s some recent photos.


Steph and I Basking in the Tuscan sun


Fast Fact: Buffalo Mozzarella comes from actual Water Buffalo


Our hotel for the week…


Amafi Coast



Had a chance to work with Josh Everett, still attacking his training hard @40 years young.

Davey Tilley showing me how to do some fun things on the P-bars


Double Paleo Nicks, served up delicious food all week

PMC Dave and Dan

Dave Tilley and I with a little curriculum for PMC 3.0

PMC Guys Coaches

The Male Coaches from PMC 3.0

PMC Dan Colin Dave

Me pulling on Colin Geraghty’s leg while Dave endorses Kill Cliff

I ate enough salami to choke a horse,

Dan Pope DPT, CSCS


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