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Deep Nutrition – Catherine Shanahan MD

I am reading Cate Shanahan’s Deep Nutrition. This book is awesome. She graduated with a graduate degree in genetics and then got her MD from robert wood johnson, UMDNJ (Same school that steph and I go to). She’s in with the Weston A. Price idea of nutrition and gives 4 specific nutritional guidelines that are pretty new as far as dietary principles go.

1. Eat meat on the bone – you get the protein, fat, and cartilage. Cartilage has plenty of glycosaminoglycans (the same expensive stuff people buy for their joint pain, glucosamine). These compounds also support collagen under your skin. If you want to avoid cellulite and wrinkles, this is good stuff to eat.

2. Organ Meats – They used to be proclaimed as an incredible health food. Now we are so afraid of fat we won’t touch the stuff. The truth is that organ meat is some of the most nutrient rich food you can eat, trumping even the most nutrient rich vegetables. Organ meats tend to contain compounds that tend to help with the health of your own body’s tissues. For example, eyes contain vitamin A and hyaluronic acid, two compounds essential to eye health. Heart contains Coenzyme Q10 another nutrient marketed as a heart healthy supplement with solid research to show its benefits. Eat some organ meats!

3. Raw foods – Foods contain plenty of delicate beneficial components that are destroyed through cooking. Needless to say eat a plethora of vegetables and fruits that are uncooked. No one can dispute the health giving properties of these foods. Dr. Shanahan is also a fan of raw milk!

4. Fermented Foods – Now this one is another one like organ meat that has been almost completely eradicated from our american cuisine. Cultures used to thrive on these products. Fermentation creates more nutrition in a given food and also helps break down the food making it easier to digest making it a great food for people who have stomach troubles. Lastly, fermented foods contain probiotics, a highly beneficial product found in foods like yogurt(fermented) that help to bolster your intestinal tract with powerful beneficial bacteria with benefits ranging from decreasing constipation to boosting the immune system.

buy this freaking book already!

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