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Dan Pope on the Conquer Athlete Podcast

Today’s post is a pretty interesting one herunterladen. I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by two of my good friends, Jason Leydon and Angelo Sisco.

Both of these gentlemen are excellent coaches and gym owners adobe photoshop lightroom. I’ve worked with both of these guys for the past 6 years and we’ve shared a lot of really cool experiences together. When they asked me to be on their podcast I was super excited for it die neueste version von whatsapp herunterladen.

Anyway, this podcast is a bit of an interesting one. We talk about some topics we don’t normally discuss on fitnesspainfree.com. Among these topics were:

  • My go-to dance moves for maximum entertainment at parties
  • The best songs to break dance to
  • What you should really look for when selecting a physical therapist (hint it’s more about music selection and good looks over intelligence and passion)

Anyway, we broke away from the ridiculousness and started chatting about my background and some cool new things I’m working on at fitnesspainfree microsoft movies. We go over my recent pregnancy and postpartum course and my upcoming certification (stay tuned for this one).

I think you guys are really going to enjoy this one, give it a listen below:

If you enjoyed this episode then make sure you head over to the Conquer Athlete Podcast Page and subscribe to the podcast videos aus zdf mediathek downloaden. They’ve got a lot of other really cool people on their podcast to check out as well.

Camron and dance moves, the key to successful rehabilitation,


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