How to Put Together a Mobility Program for Athletes

If you work with athletes that are trying to improve their exercise technique for olympic weightlifting, squatting or overhead lifting, chances are you’ll have to employ some mobility strategies

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Evidence Based Guide to Eccentrics for Mobility

My 3 favorite interventions for improving mobility are stretching, foam rolling and eccentrics.  Stretching and foam rolling are both well known and utilized far and wide to gain mobility excellence everywhere. 

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How to Tell the Difference Between Mobility, Technical and Strength Issues When Someone Has Poor Technique

In the last few article we’ve been discussing reasons why technique falls apart.  In my mind, technique generally falls apart for 3 major reasons: Mobility Deficits Technique (lack of coaching

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How a Lack of Strength Causes Compensation During Squats and Olympic Lifts

I’ve written a lot in the past about mobility issues and how a lack of mobility can cause compensations at another joint.  A good example is a lack of ankle dorsiflexion causing some increased lumbar

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Another Reason Why the Knees Come in During Heavy Squats

In the last article we spoke about the first reason why I believe the knees come in during heavy squats.  I believe this is because the prime movers in the bottom of the squat (adductor magnus) is trying

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Why Do the Knees Come in During Heavy Squat Attempts?

So we’ve all heard that the knees coming in during squatting isn’t really a good thing.  Knee in during squats can increase stress on the lateral (outside) portion of the patellar femoral

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Is It Bad to Round the Lower Back During a Deadlift?

So there is a recent trend in the physical therapy world that, “there are no bad movements, only poorly prepared positions.” The idea is that there is no such thing as “bad” technique

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How Common are Injuries in Olympic Weightlifting, Strongman, Crossfit and Recreational Fitness?

Injuries Happen No matter how smart you train, how good your technique is, how great the program is, sometimes things go awry.  Injuries and pain are really just a part of life.  Can we reduce the risk

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Mindset: A Key Component to Health and Rehab

I’m super excited about today’s post.  It was written by a good friend and mentor of mine, Aline Thompson.  Aline was one of the most influential therapists I’ve had the opportunity

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My Favorite Advanced Rehab Exercises

Hey guys, One challenge for many physical therapists is bridging the gap between basic rehabilitation and getting back to high level training.  The same goes for coaches and trainers.  How do we help

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Does Lack of Sleep Cause Pain?

So sleep is devastatingly important.  We all know this but unfortunately we don’t always value it.  I know atleast for me I tend to put my career in front of sleep frequently and am probably paying

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How I Recovered from Chronic Knee Pain: “Patience, Persistence, and Positive Inputs”

Today’s blog post comes from Leda McDaniel.  Leda is a current Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) candidate at Ohio University and upon graduating in May 2019 is interested in working with patients

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