What Every Coach Needs to Know About Pain and Injury

So in our last post we talked about “why”, today’s post we’ll talk about “what”. Pain is a wonderful thing that our body’s produce to help us survive.  If we

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6 Pro Tips For Reducing Lower Back Pain During Deadlifts

In the last post we went over modifications for the bench press when the shoulder hurts. Click HERE if you missed it. Today we talk deadlifting. Before we get started, here are some basic principles

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Why Every Coach Needs to Know About Pain and Injury

I’ve always felt that pain was some mysterious and nebulous concept that only healthcare providers have access to knowledge of.  This is a shame because pain is an enormously common issue that coaches

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5 Great Exercises for Strong and Resilient Shoulders

I’ve written a pretty ridiculous amount about shoulder health in the past. Today’s I’m sharing 5 of my favorite exercises for shoulder health. When it comes to keeping our shoulders

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How Stress Causes Injury

Who doesn’t love an enormous amount of stress huh?  Too much going on at work, the dog pooped in the living room, 1 hour of traffic on a normal 15 minute commute, arguing about the dishes at night

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5 Pro Tips For Reducing Shoulder Pain During Bench Press

As athletes we’re going to encounter pain and injuries from time to time.  It’s just part of the game and it’s going to happen if you end up training for long enough.  I get it, injuries

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How Prior Injury and Individual Difference Affect Risk of Injury

Unfortunately as human beings we tend to “collect” injuries as we age.  Of course we can rehabilitate back to full force but often times certain injuries tend to plague us and come back if

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How Your Sporting Background and Training Age Affects Risk of Injury

Today’s article builds off of last week’s post about capacity.  As stated previously, our body’s ability to handle stress (capacity) can be built slowly over the course of time. How

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How to Spike Training Volume and Get Injured in the Process

So we’ve gone pretty far in depth recently about technique and how it may influence your risk of getting injured.  What else is really important when it comes to injury prevention?  Moderating

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How to Put Together a Mobility Program for Athletes

If you work with athletes that are trying to improve their exercise technique for olympic weightlifting, squatting or overhead lifting, chances are you’ll have to employ some mobility strategies

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Evidence Based Guide to Eccentrics for Mobility

My 3 favorite interventions for improving mobility are stretching, foam rolling and eccentrics.  Stretching and foam rolling are both well known and utilized far and wide to gain mobility excellence everywhere. 

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How to Tell the Difference Between Mobility, Technical and Strength Issues When Someone Has Poor Technique

In the last few article we’ve been discussing reasons why technique falls apart.  In my mind, technique generally falls apart for 3 major reasons: Mobility Deficits Technique (lack of coaching

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