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How To Assess Thoracic Spine Mobility

Thoracic spine mobility is vital for shoulder health and performance during all loaded overhead movements free solidworks 2012.  An unfortunate trend I’ve noticed with my articles is that people care far more about mobility exercises then they care about assessments for the same area prison break herunterladen.  Now, wouldn’t you think that knowing whether or not you have a mobility restriction would be more important than knowing mobility exercises for a particular area lieder von facebook herunterladen?  Wouldn’t it be smarter to assess before we start firing off 25 different mobilizations?

Of course it would be kodi gratisen.  So we should assess first, always.

I tend to use the SFMA lumbar locked thoracic extension and rotation test for thoracic spine mobility as well as a basic down dog assessment macbook dokumenteen.  The down dog assessment is fast and easy.  Check it out below.

So now you have a nice and easy thoracic spine extension mobility assessment before you start firing off mobility when it isn’t warranted geogebra classic 5 for free.

Want to learn more about how to assess the thoracic spine and to find other great exercises to mobilize it?  Check out Dr. Dave Tilley and my product:

Monkey Method – Movement Essentials

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Flexy T-spines everywhere,


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